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Buggy Training Done Through Animation

Until now, the buggy drivers for the IGI Airport were trained by instructors in a room, but complaints of inefficient services kept pouring in. To change this GMR hired us to created animations for the training purpose of the buggy drivers.

To Keep The Content Interesting For
The Learners

Serious content often gets boring and the learners lose interest very quickly, therefore we needed to do something that could capture the interest of the learners.

Using Simple Sounds Of Various Objects

Since the initial content was too long we decided to break the content down into smaller portions of maximum two-minute length per clip. Also, we added a background track consisting of a sitar music track. Also, we used little queue sounds to maintain viewers interest in the content.

Designing Relatable Characters

The character design uses the same style as
the passengers in the airport and people
whom the buggy drivers usually transport.

Designing The Buggy And The Scenes

The buggy and the scenes were designed using the actual scenery of
the airport to help the learners relate better to the animations.

Bringing It All Together

Bringing all the scenes together after rigging the characters.

Timelining The Whole Thing

After rigging we animated the whole thing to create the sequences.