How To Choose User Experience Design Agency In 2020?

What is User Experience?

The overall experience of a person, while using a product like a website or an application is known as User Experience. How good or bad is the experience depends on how effectively the User experience has been designed. A product that is easy to use and fulfills the needs of the user has it’s UX in place and therefore, the role of UX is quite vital in the success of a product.


What is a User Experience Agency?

User Experience goes beyond the look and feel of the product. It aims at providing structured information to your users through intuitive designs and easy navigation. A User experience agency has the skill and expertise to add these elements to your product in a manner that helps to form a loyal customer base and lowers customer churn rate.

Points To Keep In Mind While Choosing A UX Agency:-


The role of the design agency that you choose is going to be quite crucial for your business. The success or downfall of your product can be directly impacted by the competency of this agency. To make an informed choice, and being a design agency ourselves, we are jotting down some decisive factors to be kept in mind while choosing the right design agency:-

  • Portfolio – The agencies that you are going to interview should have a strong portfolio that can prove their proficiency. How many, how diverse, and how effectively they have completed their earlier projects will give you an overview of how capable the agency is. A portfolio that shows clients repeatedly coming back for work is again a strong indicator of a company’s credibility. Do not get blown away by the beautiful designs and patterns as good designs do not mean a good UX. Also, try to ensure that their UX got any value to their business or not.
  • Client handling capabilities/Communication- An agency that is present for its clients and listens to their needs is what you want for a smooth association. If the updates about the project are not timely and clear then it would lead to frustration and can hamper the flow of your project. How they listen to your feedback and wish to apply it also shows their interest and value for the project. With Semiqolon, you do not have to worry about this as we follow a customer-centric approach for all our clients.
  • Process- This is the most essential factor to be considered before finalizing any UX design agency. An agency that follows a research-based approach and treats every project as unique is better than its competitors. A good agency would ask you multiple questions about the product to understand the user behavior and would build user personas for a better understanding. In this way, you can differentiate between an agency that is research-based or not.
  • Project Management- The way an agency communicates with you can give you an idea of their project management skills. A team that is driven and strictly follows deadlines, makes for a great association.
  • UX agency vs. UX Agency With Diverse Skills – A product is incomplete without touching other user touch-points. Therefore, an agency that provides additional services like product branding, strategy, and digital marketing along with UX expertise can prove a safer bet than going for a core UX-based agency. An agency with varied services can stay with you through the life-cycle of the product thereby, reducing your stress and anxiety. Semiqolon is one such agency that provides a bunch of product development services along with spectacular UX. For more info contact
  • Price – Agencies either offer a fixed price for the project or give you an hourly price estimate. While opting for an hourly price scenario, you should be sure about the problem-solving abilities of the team in question i.e. how experienced their team of designers is. At Semiqolon, our prices are competitive with unmatchable services.
  • Sales – Are the salespeople the face of the company? Then you must try to look elsewhere as it is better to work with the delivery team on a proposal rather than a sales team. By doing so, you minimize the scope of any kind of conflict that may arise in the final product.

With all the information we have provided, we are sure that you will be able to make the right choice for your business. To avail Best UX services from our agency please contact us at