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The Money Mile

How to save taxes or how to get insured for the

future can be a big problem


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Fintech, in the simplest of terms

In a country with a growing economy and annual wages, when you don’t know where to put that money, how to invest it, how to save taxes or how to get insured for the future can be a big problem. To solve this problem, Vivek Law a finance veteran decided to educate the Indian masses through the most informative medium – video.

Designing for 40 million people

The middle class forms the majority of the demographic in India. They speak at least a 100 languages, with vastly different tastes and cultures across various regions.

A neutral looking platform with zero distractions

The main objective of Money Mile was to educate the people on finance. Most finance websites out there are cluttered with stock prices and currency exchange rates, which our audience didn’t care about, so we decided to get rid of all the clutter to build a platform with a more focussed approach to financial learning and education.

Low latency video streaming on slow internet connections

Since the advent of 4G internet speeds in India has increased many folds but in many regions, internet speed can be an issue, therefore with the help of Brightcove, we designed the platform to perform even on slow internet connections.

The App Interface

The interface of the application was designed by paying attention to user mindset and familiarity, by using the best practices and guidelines for web and mobile.

Building A Robust Design System

Good design happens through consistency in color and type

Money Mile Asked Us To Do Some Experiments On Their Logo

We experimented with many versions, with different ideas, but zeroed in on the idea of running the complete financial mile with Money Mile

Running the complete financial mile

The running man denotes the will to do, run through risks and completing the mile. Financial energy and determination were some of the qualities we wanted to show.

Logo Construction