3 act structure of Storytelling for your Business or Product.

Here are the 3 acts of  Storytelling

- The Setup

- The Conflict

- The Resolution

The Setup

- Introductory Step - Introduce your Product/Service    of the story with elegance. - Create a feeling of curiosity     among your audience. - Make them eager for your    Product/Service, to know    more about it. - Generate interest among    them.                

- Describing the cons of not    having that desired Product    Service. - Make urge of your Product /     service in user’s Mental Model. - How your Product is advance in    tech and better than    competitor's ?

The Conflict

- How you going to solve their    problem. - How you going to make their life    easy. - Comfort and benefits of your    Service/Product. - How are you use to them. - Point to deliver your message to    your Audience.

The Resolution

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