How used Storytelling for Business Growth.

The Tech giant of America, Google has their own way of Storytelling. In the last few years, Google has also used Storytelling to develop sentimental relationship with users.

- Google used photos of a    couple, Dave and Patti      Fuller,  Owner of Maple      syrup store in New        Hampshire for a        national ad campaign. - Highlighting the real         stories of real        customers behind the       analytics tool.

- Representing how Google    Ads helps in business       growth. - Google only used 4    sentences & 84 words and      just 2 statistics while telling    the stories. - Google’s advertising tools     help millions of businesses     in the United States    generating approximately    $335 Billion.

- Similar is the story of Tye    and Courtney, who owns a    salon, they created an app    to connects salons with      independent stylists. - Google featured their short     story. - Representing 30% of  the    app’s users find the service    from Google ads.

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