Branding & Identity Design

Put your best face forward with a strong brand identity and gorgeous graphics
to match with our end-to-end branding solutions.

Our Branding Methodology

We, as a Branding Agency, analyse your competitors, target audiences for getting you a compelling and powerful brand.

As Branding Agency We Do;

Brand Identity Design by Semiqolon User Experience Design Agency 2021 - UI UX

Identity Design

We assist businesses in setting up a unique identity for better visibility among your clients, capturing the key essence of your products. What are you waiting for then ? Feel free to ping us now.

Logo Design by Semiqolon

Logo Design

Balancing simplicity and distinctiveness is the most difficult task in logo design. We always design on the concept of Golden Ratio which is a scientific way to encounter assumptions and make our designs completely customizable.

Physical Branding done by Semiqolon

Physical Branding

Our team of designers works on creating a long-lasting visual identity for companies. We get you continuous office supplies, letterheads, visiting cards, business cards, writing materials and so on.

Digital Branding process by semiqolon - UI & UX Design Agency

Digital Branding

We craft a gorgeous brand for you differentiating it from other brands in the crowd. We make sure building a purpose-driven brand for you, where it stands for something unique and special that your target audience relates to.

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Our Branding Case Studies;

Why Us?


Brand and Identity Designing is basically shaping the public opinion toward your company, it’s a Gut Feeling!

Your brand recognition plays a major role in your growth, from giving you an edge in the competition to bringing potential customers and investors.

We will sit down with you to have a proper discussion and for a better understanding of the situation, requiring brand and identity designing. It will help us to create an outline for Identity Designing or Logo Designing profound work.

A good advertising company, consider some good strategies and timelines, along with creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

At Semiqolon, we consider multiple approaches with proper researches and skills.


As a leading brand designing company in India, we execute things are as follows:-

  • We will design a suitable strategy, starting with a proper discussion about creating an outline, while setting up goals and deciding timelines.
  • A good Brand Design Strategy needed proper research. In Brand Designing, Identity Designing we keep a firm eye on proper research and analysis.
  • After conducting proper research, we proceed forward in designing from clarifying strategy through designing identity toward creating touchpoints.


If we talk about the benefits of Brand Identity Designing or complete Branding, there are many in the field:-

  • Your customer recognizes you. Having strong Brand work will help you retain customers. Consumers are far more likely to choose the brand that they recognize.
  • It increases your credibility among customers. Having eminent brand recognition will help you gain the trust of consumers and earn their loyalty.
  • In the future whenever you launch any new product, it will be very easy for you to test them out before investing much in them. If you have loyal customers following, it will make the process less expensive.

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